PhpBB to MyBB Migration ( steps for migrating phpBB site to MyBB)

Hi Guys, following steps will allow you to migrate your existing PhpBB site to MyBB site.

To convert or merge a forum, you must have a version of MyBB 1.6 installed on your server, as well as a copy of the database of the forum to be merged on your server. You must also have the latest version of the merge system uploaded to your server as a subdirectory of your copy of MyBB.

For downloading MyBB please visit following url:

For downloading merge system please visit


1 First take a backup of your existing site including database

2 Install MyBB on location where you want to install it.

* unzip the file that you downloaded from and upload it’s contents to the location where you want to install it.
* Also create a database for installation via your control panel

* README file will give you more details.

3 Then unzip and upload the contents of merge software us a sub-folder to installation path( use subdirectory name as merge)

4 After uploading the files to your existing MyBB install, visit your forum’s URL, appending /merge/ to the end. So, if your forum is at you would visit

5 The first page you see is the Welcome page. From this page, you must choose the forum software and the version of the forum you will be converting into MyBB. Select the appropriate software, and then click “Next”

6 This page lets you pick and choose what you want imported, and what you don’t want imported. As you can see, many modules have “dependencies,” which requires you to run another module first before running that one. After you run all of the “dependencies,” you will be able to run that module.

7 Then proceed with the steps that on installation page.
Please let me know if you are facing any kind of difficulties during this procedure.

If your posts are missing after migration using above steps then please do following thing after login to your site admin panel

ACP > Tools & Maintenance > Recount & Rebuild